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Road to Recovery ~ July Edition

Heckman Pass Summit, Sydney Redpath | Tyler Cave

CCCT Team Change

Team Change in Marketing

Sydney Redpath, is moving on after three and a half years as our Director of Marketing. She is off to seek new adventures and explore more of the world. She wants everyone to know that it has been “a sincere joy to work with the tourism…

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New Regional HR Advisor Service

HR Advisor Service

Think of this initiative as “HR on Speed Dial” and an effective tool to realize your business recovery. The province of BC and the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport recognizes the challenges you face and have partnered with go2HR to…

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Biosphere Sustainable website is now available

The Biosphere Sustainable website is now available. Learn about the good practices and sustainable efforts of companies and destinations around the world, showing how they contribute to the fulfillment of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of…

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Seeking Your Input


Sustainable Tourism Stakeholder Survey

The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association (CCCTA) is seeking input from stakeholders about current sustainability practices and where you would like additional support, in order to help us make informed decisions for developing policies and …

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2022 CCCT AGM November 3 and 4, 2022 – SURVEY

Take a short survey (less than 5 minutes) to give us some important suggestions on how to improve this AGM and make it worth your while to attend!

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Industry Marketing Update

Industry Marketing Update

New Booking Engine Launched! We have launched a new zero-commission online booking engine to drive measurable revenue dollars and more clicks to our tourism accommodators! This booking engine will be an ongoing tool in our belt to help measure…

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