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Who We Are

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Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism is a non-profit, stakeholder-based Regional Destination Management Organization that leads tourism in development and marketing in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture, Destination British Columbia, Destination Canada and industry partners in the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Region to help foster responsible growth of tourism and empowering a resilient visitor economy. Under this umbrella, the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association leads Development and Sustainability, while Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Marketing Association leads Consumer Marketing. Together, the organization is able to provide leadership and stewardship of both tourism supply and demand of an industry that puts YOU first with Tourism Industry, Residents and Communities at the Heart of efforts.

CCCTA Organizational Chart

Our Vision:

We invite and welcome visitors,

who embrace, celebrate and respect our vibrant destination,

our heritage, people and cultures; and

We advance innovative, sustainable visitor economy solutions,

that increase business intelligence and performance

so that

our residents, local businesses, communities and region thrive.


Our Mission:

To conscientiously steward our region’s tourism assets

To support responsible growth of the sector,

Ensuring a sustainable equilibrium between

Our socio-cultural, economic and natural environment

While being inclusive of all Cariboo Chilcotin Coast citizens.


CCC Stakeholder Pledge:

Your CCC team adds value to the tourism sector by:

Supporting local businesses,

Leading responsible growth & capacity improvement initiatives,

Stewarding our tourism assets responsibly, and

Advocating on the sector’s behalf to government.


CCC Partner Pledge:

Our CCC team adds value to Government by providing:

Real-time industry information,

Timely effective responses to opportunity,

Pro-active guidance and counsel on potential challenges, and

Advancing insights on behalf of the visitor economy within our region.