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Travel Trade

Does your business have something you want to advertise overseas? The CCCTA coordinates many national and international programs that allow you to capture the attention of overseas markets and allow your business to thrive with international interest. As long as your product meets the criteria and is deemed export-ready, the best possible representation of your business will be seen the world over.

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If you want your business and your services to noticed by a wider population of potential clients, consider utilizing the CCCTA’s media services. The CCCTA works directly with journalists, writers, broadcasters, and media companies that are always hungry for stories and want to hear what your business can do for people. We can promote your experience to journalists at international travel events, assist you in hosting your own media guests, and allow you to tell your unique story, among many other services. Bringing your business media exposure lends credibility to it, and can be leveraged to influence new guests to visit in the future.

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