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Team Change in Marketing

Heckman Pass Summit, Sydney Redpath | Tyler Cave

CCCTMA Change In Leadership

Sydney Redpath, is moving on after three and a half years as our Director of Marketing. She is off to seek new adventures and explore more of the world. She wants everyone to know that it has been “a sincere joy to work with the tourism businesses and communities of the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast and alongside industry colleagues to represent this land without limits.”

Every one of us on the CCCT wishes Sydney the best on her new journey and appreciates her contributions to the organization over the past few years.

We’re pleased to announce that a familiar face will take Sydney’s place. Tim Milne, who has been working with our organization for the past 15 years, is our new Interim Director of Marketing.

Tim has been Director of the Great Bear Project last five years for CCCT, which brings together DBC Co-op Marketing, Destination Development, and First Nations relations on the Central Coast. Tim has 25 years of working in communications, media, and television and has been a mountain guide, a boat captain, a national team snowboard coach, and a B.C. canoe and kayak team coach. He will be operating out of his office on Denny Island on the Central Coast.

We’re excited to have Tim’s experience and leadership to guide our marketing programs over the coming months.