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Communications and Marketing

Tyax Lodge, Gold Bridge | Jonny Bierman

Communications and Marketing

You can never communicate too much during a crisis. Your communication plan should target different audiences appropriately with clear and concise messages, starting with Google My Business as your priority. Be sure to keep your hours of business updated, schedule regular updates and optimize technology to send your messages. In addition, review your marketing and customer engagement plans to ensure they make sense for current market conditions. Having a stable base of returning clients speaks volumes about a business. Ensure you have access to all of your communications and social media streams, and are monitoring them to stay aware of the needs and concerns of your clients. Social Media Tool Kits are available to help you navigate these difficult times. Review your policies for engaging with clients on both public and private channels.

Communicate your efforts to ensure travellers’ safety with Trip Advisor’s Travel Safe Tools for accommodators and add a Safe Travels Branding to your website with your logo as all communities in the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast have been approved by the World Travel and Tourism Council.

Lastly, consider new products or alterations to current offerings to fit with current market conditions.