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Staffing and Employee Health

Bella Coola Valley | Michael Bednar

Access information here for employers related to provincial supports and contact information, EI and new employee benefits, employer wage subsidies, tools to help motivate employees working remotely as well as a spotlight on industry kindness in light of COVID-19.

  • Evaluate seasonal staffing plans to ensure they match with expected business levels.
  • Cross-train existing staff to be able to cover multiple roles. This decreases vulnerability in the event of losing staff.
  • Consider altering job titles and roles to redistribute workload.
  • Look for available training options to increase the skill base of your existing staff and entice new ones.
  • Put in place training and policies to equip staff to deal with relevant hazards.
  • Have plans in place to deal with workplace illness and absenteeism. Ensure your employees are up to date on policies related to workplace health and safety.

Go2HR has put together COVID-19 FAQs for Tourism Employers, find them here.