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Targeted Regional Tourism Development

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On December 8th 2020, the BC Government announced that the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast will receive $2.3 million to invest in regional tourism development. The projects that will be funded through the Targeted Regional Tourism Development Initiatives must be of regional scope, implementable within two years (2021 -2023) and align with the identified objectives and priorities in the Destination Development Strategies (Gold Rush Trail, Chilcotin Central Coast, Interlakes and Cariboo Chilcotin Coast). Project selection will consider all previous consultations and surveys (destination development, communities in transition, covid impact) and include your input as noted below. 

Funds will be invested in a variety of important projects. Our team has identified four potential project themes:  

  • Trails and Trail Amenities: To develop and grow regional trail networks, connectivity and amenities to support the regional visitor economy.  
  • Connectivity: Promote and develop Wi-Fi and connectivity to improve the regional visitor experience.  
  • Experience Design: Diversifying and expanding regional experience and purchasable activity development.  
  • Data and Insights: Access to data and insights for better decision making to support your business.  

Approved Targeted Regional Tourism Development Initiative Priority Initiatives

Click here for a full list of approved Targeted Regional Tourism Development Initiative Priority Initiatives May 2021.

Request for Proposal

Project Title: Targeted Regional Tourism Development Initiative (TRTDI)

Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association (CCCTA) is requesting the submission of qualified specialist with proven experience and expertise in “Wi-Fi access/emergency phone Kiosk design and construction(installation)”.

RFP, including the name and address of the Proponents, project title should be emailed to the following: Rehan Siddiqui at 

RFP must be received on or before the Closing Time of: 4:00 pm (local time), Friday, October 30, 2021.

Read full RFP including Technical Specifications here.


For more information on the TRTDI program please contact Rehan at