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Hospitality Sector Gets New Boost

Hospitality sector gets new boost through temporary patio extension

Restaurants, bars and liquor manufacturers have more time to apply to make temporary service areas permanent as they recover from the pandemic.

“Some local governments needed additional time to make the needed policy changes and assess applications for permanent structural changes in their communities,” said Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General. “This extension will also give businesses more time to apply and prevent the risk of disrupting patio service during the busy summer season.”

In June 2021, the Province announced it would extend existing temporary expanded service area (TESA) authorizations until June 1, 2022, to provide time for local authorities to update their patio policies and for licensees to apply to make those areas permanent.

The Province is now extending TESA authorizations further to March 31, 2023, to provide more time to make TESAs permanent.