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CleanBC Communities Fund


Application deadline for CleanBC Communities Fund May 25

Program timeline:  

  • Application intake: Intake 3 opens January 26 and closes May 25, 2022 at 3pm. Request Business BCeID access to the LGIS grant portal by May 4, 2022.
  • BC Approval in Principle: Shortlisted projects should be notified in late 2022.
  • Federal approval: Final approvals should start by summer 2023 or, if triggering Federal Treasury Board review, by summer 2024.

Eligible applicants must be BC local governments, Indigenous organizations, or not-for-profits / for-profits partnering with local governments or Indigenous organizations. 

Eligible projects: 

  • start no earlier than summer 2023 and be substantially complete by March 2027;
  • must meet one of the program outcomes: management of renewable energy, access to clean energy transportation, energy efficiency of buildings, or generation of clean energy;
  • are limited to one or adjacent project sites, except electric vehicle charging networks; and
  • must receive final grant approval before awarding tenders/contracts or incurring eligible costs, except for Climate Lens and Indigenous consultation costs

IMPORTANT: Before preparing a grant application, please contact us at 250-387-4060 or to discuss eligibility, program fit, project schedule, etc.

More info available here.