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Emergency Program Update December 2021

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The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Emergency Program is activated to support all stakeholders, business owners, and individuals who require assistance, resources, or guidance before, during, and after civilian or natural disaster. Please contact the office at 1-250-392-2226 or by email,, for more info.

Understanding that the travel routes from the lower mainland to the interior have been severely impacted during the Atmospheric River Events in November, it is vital to stay up to date on what routes remain safe and open to non-essential travel for our visitors. There is an array of resources available online to assist in this, below we have compiled a short list of the resources we recommend to check as often as necessary:

Please refer to Transportation BC and DriveBC websites for the most current and up to date restrictions on transit routes in BC:

Government of British Columbia
What to do before, during, and after a flood:
Emergency Info BC updates and resources:
Info on Disaster Financial Assistance:

Destination BC
BC Storm Messaging Guidance:
Emergency Preparedness Resources:

Central Mountain Air will be resuming flights between Vancouver (YVR) and Williams Lake (YWL) on December 16th, 2021. They will be offering midday flights from Williams Lake to Vancouver on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, and return trips to Williams Lake at 2pm. Flights can be purchased through third party websites or directly through
Per the travel restriction page on the Government of Canada website:

Regarding Short trips 72 hours or less by land and air:
Starting November 30, 2021, Canadians or individuals who have right of entry, qualify as fully vaccinated travelers and who re-enter Canada within 72 hours of leaving, won’t have to provide a pre-entry molecular test result. This will also apply to their accompanying children under 12, regardless of whether the children are vaccinated.

  • Individuals with right of entry include: Canadian citizens, permanent residents, those registered under the Indian Act, and their accompanying children under 12. 
  • For example, a Canadian citizen who left Canada on November 29, 2021 and returned on November 30, 2021 and who met the requirements of the fully vaccinated traveler exemption, would not have to provide a pre-entry test result”

BC Government website requirements for travel within and outside of the province:

As a result of the Atmospheric River Events in November 2021 and the substantial damage to the major transportation routes and highways between the interior and the lower mainland, we are issuing a safe winter travel reminder to encourage visitors to travel as safely and as prepared as possible between the lower mainland and the interior this winter. The impacts to the Coquihalla and Fraser Canyon will leave the transportation route options extremely limited and crowded. Routes such as Highway 99 require more pre-trip knowledge and planning and awareness. We encourage these discussions between stakeholders, businesses, and visitors to happen early and often. We also encourage stakeholders and business owners to collect as much information as possible during the booking process – emergency contact information for the guests, alternate contact information, an idea of their travel route and itinerary. This allows for quicker and more effective communication and response to any changing conditions/restrictions in the area.

As a reminder Pacific Coastal Airlines and Central Mountain Air have open flight routes between Williams Lake and Vancouver (YVR). Air remains a reliable and open option for visitors to reach our region this winter. Pacific Coastal Airlines flights and Central Mountain Air flights can be booked through their respective websites or any third-party booking site.

We have published a Winter Responsible Travel story to our website that we encourage you to read and share with consumers:

Government of BC Winter Driving tips:

Your Emergency Management Contact

Mackenzie Moore
Tourism Emergency Program Manager