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Thank you for Being a Part of the Digital Competitiveness Bundle

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Next Steps

Thank you so much for submitting your Digital Competitiveness Bundle form – please watch your inbox for an email coming from to help coordinate the process. (Note: please also monitor your spam for the first email).

While we are setting up your bundle, taking a few quick actions now will save you time when we begin the consultation and technical setup, as well as make your online life much easier going forward.  We encourage you to keep the momentum and take advantage of the following feature:

Bundle Feature #1 – FREE Password Management Tool

Maintaining online security for your business passwords is absolutely critical. Keeping a spreadsheet of passwords can leave you open to security breaches and sticky notes on your monitor is not an effective solution! That is why, as part of the Digital Services Bundle, all businesses are encouraged to set up a password management tool, if they don’t already have one. Password managers will securely store all of your “digital keys” in one place and you only have to remember one password.

The recommended option is LastPass, but there are other available options. LastPass has a free option that will provide unlimited password storage for one user, so there is no cost to try it out or to just use it to streamline your Digital Services Bundle technical setup.

As part of the Digital Services Bundle technical setup process, you will need to share access to a number of sites and resources with your specialist. Having your passwords stored in LastPass will save you 15-30 minutes on your initial consultation call, so if you aren’t already using a password manager, taking the time to install the program and load the passwords in the list below will ensure your first call is focused on delivering results.

Recommended passwords to pre-populate before your call, if you have them:

  • Website Login
  • Domain Registrar
  • Hosting Account
  • Google Account (used for Analytics/Google My Business)
  • Bing Places Account
  • Tripadvisor account
  • Your Channel Manager/GDS (if applicable) 

If this sounds like too much, do not worry! Just locate your passwords and your digital specialist will prepare LastPass for you to start living the online dream, or just work with what you’ve got.

Step #2 – Book Your Appointment with a Specialist  

As noted above, please watch your inbox for an email coming from This email will contain the link to schedule your consultation call and will include information to help coordinate the technical process. (Note: please also monitor your spam for the first email).

There will be appointments available Monday-Friday at various times throughout the day for your selection.

Once you complete the initial consultation call, leave the rest to our technical team! The first call should only take 30-45 minutes and if you have your passwords ready prior to the call it could be even quicker! Of course, your digital specialist will also be happy to answer any questions you have.

The Process (and Progress)

   STEP 1 – Apply & Prepare

You have submitted your application form, Installed LastPass! 

Congratulations on completing Step #1!!

STEP 2 – Connect

Schedule your appointment and connect with a Digital Competitiveness expert to arrange access to your digital assets and outline the actions we will complete.

STEP 3 – Implement

Let our team do the hard work! The Digital Competitiveness team will complete the technical steps and update your assets for free!

STEP 4 – Results

You will be provided with information on how to use your new assets and connectivity to start winning more business!

A Reminder of the Items You Will Receive:

Data and Insights

Installation of free data collection and analysis tools to make sure you are gathering important insights about your customers and the effectiveness of your website, social media accounts and marketing efforts.


Creation and optimizations for your business on Google My Business, Bing Places, Tripadvisor, HelloBC, and so you are in front of as many eyes as possible.

Direct Bookings

Access and integration into our commission-free online booking engine through Either via your existing GDS, or we’ll help with matching and onboarding you to a property management solution that allows you access to third-party booking platforms.

COVID-19 Compliance

Uploading your COVID-19 Safety Plan to your website to comply with Provincial Health Office orders.

Password Tools

A free online password management tool to keep all your passwords secure and available at your fingertips when you need them!

Expert Assistance

A team of professionals to guide you through the process and take care of the technical installations for you.

If you have any questions about the Digital Competitiveness Bundle or if you haven’t received your welcome email 2-3 business days after submitting your application, please email